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Klingenstein Fellowship Awards in the Neurosciences
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Carlos D. Aizenman
Brown University
"Visual activity-driven regulation of intrinsic excitability in the developing visual system"
Hwai-Jong Cheng
University of California, Davis
"Mechanisms of Stereotyped Axon Pruning"
Dmitri Chklovskii
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
"Potential Connectivity in Cortical Circuits"
Wolfgang B. Liedtke*
Duke University Medical Center
"Molecular mechanism of osmotic regulation in the central nervous system"
Brian Litt
University of Pennsylvania
"Evolution of Seizure Precursors in the Epileptic Network: A Strategy to Predict Seizures"
Mark J. Schnitzer
Stanford University
"In vivo imagining of neuronal calcium dynamics underlying cerebellar-dependent classical conditioning"
Jane M. Sullivan
University of Washington School of Medicine
"Synaptic vesicle protein Synaptotagmin IV: inhibitor or promoter of neurotransmitter release in the mammalian brain?"
Joshua Trachtenberg
University of California, Los Angeles
"Imaging Synaptic Mechanisms of Cortical Plasticity In Vivo"
Fan Wang
Duke University Medical Center
"Neural Circuit Formation in Mouse Trigeminal Sensory System"
*Robert H. Ebert Clinical Scholar