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Klingenstein Fellowship Awards in the Neurosciences
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Susanne Ahmari, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
"Visualizing the Striatal Neural Code Underlying Compulsive Behaviors"
Matthew Banghart, Ph.D.
University of California, San Diego
"Striatal compartmentalization of goal-directed and habitual behavior"
Jayeeta Basu, Ph.D.
New York University School of Medicine
"A Feedback Memory Circuit To Modulate Cortical Sensory Processing"
Richard Daneman, Ph.D.
University of California, San Diego
"Understanding the Blood-Brain Barrier as a dynamic component of the Neural Circuitry"
Benjamin de Bivort, Ph.D.
Harvard University
"Discovering engrams of individuality in Drosophila sensory circuitry"
Gul Dolen, M.D., Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"Development and validation of novel tools for dissecting the synaptic and circuit basis of social brain function"
Jeff Donlea, Ph.D.
University of California, Los Angeles
"Investigating the role of sleep in synaptic pruning"
Harrison W. Gabel, Ph.D.
Washington University in St. Louis
"Defining critical epigenetic mechanisms in nervous system development"
Catherine Hartley, Ph.D.
New York University
"Neurocognitive Development of the Control of Fear"
Michael Hoppa, Ph.D.
Dartmouth College
"Mechanisms of Action Potential Modulation of Synaptic Function"
Elaine Y. Hsiao, Ph.D.
University of California, Los Angeles
"Dissecting Systems Interactions between the Microbiome, Brain and Behavior"
Christine Merlin, Ph.D.
Texas A and M University
"Defining clock neuronal circuits that control seasonal behavior"
Kate Meyer, Ph.D.
Duke University
"RNA Methylation-Mediated Regulation of Brain Development"
Wei Xu, Ph.D.
UT Southwestern Medical Center
"Wiring and Rewiring of Poly-synaptic Memory Circuits"