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Klingenstein Fellowship Awards in the Neurosciences
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Nicholas Bellono, PhD
Harvard University
"Molecular mechanisms of multisensory integration"
Juan Du, PhD
Van Andel Institute
"Regulation mechanism of thermosensitive receptors in nervous system"
Mark Howe, PhD
Boston University
"Subcellular Neuromodulation of Striatum Circuits During Learning and Movement"
Elias Issa, PhD
Columbia University
"Imaging cortical feedback during visual face recognition and learning"
Hiroyuki Kato, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Regulation of sensory representations by global recurrent circuitry across cortical layers"
Aubrey Kelly, PhD
"The African Spiny Mouse as a Model for Sociality"
Mazen Kheirbek, PhD
"Encoding and discriminating experiences in the dentate gyrus"
Erica Korb, PhD
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
"The epigenetic landscape of memory"
Lauren L. Orefice, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
"Altered somatosensory processing in autism spectrum disorders: mechanisms and emerging therapeutic approaches"
Zhaozhu Qiu, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
"Astrocyte swelling as a novel mechanism for neuron-glia communication"
Caroline A. Runyan, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
"Communication between networks: Context, inhibition, and neuromodulation"
Francois St-Pierre, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine
"Noninvasive deep-tissue all-optical electrophysiology"
Shigeki Watanabe, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
"Cellular and molecular basis of short-term plasticity"