The Esther A. & and Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc.
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Klingenstein Fellowship Awards in the Neurosciences

The award of $225,000 is payable over a three-year period beginning July 1. It may be used for salary support, research assistants, equipment, or for any other purpose which promotes the scientific activities of the Klingenstein-Simons Fellow. The award is for the exclusive use of the Fellow and may not be used for institutional or departmental support. No provision is made for institutional overhead, but fringe benefits may be charged to the award. Payments will be made to the investigator's institution with the understanding that the total amount of the award is to be made available to the Klingenstein-Simons Fellow, and will be transferred (together with any purchased equipment) should the Fellow change institutions. Annual reviews of the Fellow's activities and the funds disbursed will be required.